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Use tutorials for SH-200 DVB-S2 satellite finder

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The biggest feature of Sathero Sh-200 HD satellite finder is that users need not set parameters. Setting completed only need to find the satellite names.

Screen Menu Instructions:
SAT Name:  
Show satellite name. Click here, the longitude of that satellite will be displayed. And longitude also can be edited directly through TP.
LNB:  Tuner Type
In China, Single usually is chosen.
LNB LO Frequency: In China, we choose 5150 for C band. KU band usually is 11300.
TP ( satellite parameters ): downlink frequency, polarization , symbol rate .


Take the “115.5 degree ChinaSat 6B“ as an example ,using procedures stated here:

1、Find the satellite you want 115.5E.

2、LNB type: Single
LNB local oscillator 5150

3、TP ( without choice ): 03600V27500

4、Turn the satellite antenna. When close to the satellite of 115.5 degrees “ChinaSat 6B”. Beep sounds. LED and lock lamp is on.

5、Carefully adjust your satellite antenna and turn LNB polarization angle. When beep intensively sounds and power value reach maximum. The antenna is adjusted well.

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